Why are they getting so many views?

There are many different niches when it comes to YouTube. You can find tons of content, and they are all different. Have you ever wondered how certain types of channels can get so many views?

Channels like player’s can grow astronomically with tons of views, and it seems next to impossible! The likes of Fernanfloo and Vegetta777 have really made a name for themselves and have tons of games and subscribers on the hook.

But how? Check out the best gaming YouTube channels according to Statista. In this guide, we’ll walk you through some strategies to help:

Invest in yourself

Let’s be honest. Sometimes it can be very difficult to get those first subscribers to get started. We understood. There are things you can do to invest in your success. First, don’t stop being consistent. You can spend some money on useful stuff, but you still need to provide quality content to keep building.

If you really want to grow your YouTube views, buy real, cheap views from a reliable source. You have to be careful when doing this. Remember, you don’t want views from inactive accounts, bots, or fake accounts. In fact, it could get you in trouble.

Make sure the views you pay for will be real. It’s a good resource for creating views if you do it right.

Most of the time, these plans can be customized. They work fast and really aren’t that expensive when you consider the outcome of these views over time. It’s worth checking out for a quick fix.

Build credibility

When a player is just getting started, they must first lay the groundwork. Viewers who watch gaming channels do so because they like to see how other people play. They will often learn from this and then use tips to help them improve their own game.

Whether you’re showing viewers super secret game tactics or maybe providing instructional videos, or even just enjoying the game, you have something to offer.

You need to be a decent player, and it will take time to prove it to others. Maybe try to focus on one or two popular games at first. Although you can change it on occasion.

In most cases, it is assumed that you will create your channel focused on a specific genre of games. While you probably can’t build on the same game over and over again, you can pick a genre and then stick with that category.

It’s about creating a niche so people looking for a certain game or category can connect to an applicable resource.

Be yourself

In a world of gamers, no one wants to tune into a channel that looks fake. If the person on screen can’t play or pretends to be someone they clearly aren’t, that’s a diversion.

It is quite easy to recognize players as real players. And any player logging in to see your videos will say so too. Now we understand that everyone has to start somewhere. You probably won’t be able to just hop on YouTube one day and be the best gamer around.

If we’re being honest, you don’t even necessarily have to be the best player to get views. You need to be authentic and possibly entertaining. Now that that’s said, you should probably have some basic skills. Most people watching Gamer Channels are looking for help with something.

Do your best to make yourself authentic and keep it real.

Check data

Many professionals will tell you that the data speaks for itself. When you want to understand what works and find areas for improvement, you need to look at the facts. Don’t assume that the video you thought was great is actually the winner.

It’s a good idea to review the data frequently. YouTube has a lot of analytics and monetization tools that you can access for this. Their reports could be a resource to tell you what type of video is trending and most popular.

Which videos are generating views? Which videos drive engagement? Which videos go best or get shared? Use this information to inspire you on your next video creation. If something works, you should use it for positive progression.

You can even see details about viewers who actually finished a video and viewers who watched a small portion and then left. Do you really need more information than all this to make improvements?

You have the details here telling you exactly what your viewers want. Use it to your advantage.

be ready

There are several ways to approach your game channel. You can go live and just play a quest on the game of your choice. You can also create a “how to find such and such” on a game. The options are endless.

You need to be prepared before you start. Introduce yourself in the video, tell them what you’re doing on today’s video, and then move on. Do not waste time. You also want to be sure to engage, even if you’re just starring in the video.

Another part of preparation is making sure you have everything you need to succeed. Obviously, you have your gaming setup, and it’s probably already connected. However, you probably need additional tools to help you.

It’s not too complicated, but you might not think of some of these things right away.

  • Good lighting

  • Microphone

  • Camera

  • Screen recording

You can also decide to add a green screen, so people don’t see everything around you. They only see you and the game playing on the screen. It is entirely up to you. Take the time to discover other popular players and get a feel for how they do things. They are successful for a reason.


Finally, we want to touch on a bit about staying consistent. We don’t mean that you have to post the same content all the time. What we mean by this is that you need to deliver consistent content to your viewers.

You can’t post a video and then go silent for a month and then come back. Choose a regular schedule, then stick to it. We recommend 1-2 times a week. You can have a specific day or time when your new videos come out. This is a fairly common approach.

Viewers need to know they can count on you for regular content. Additionally, followers will also be looking to see if you are sharing consistent content.

Now, with all of that being said, we also warn you not to plan on sharing too often. If you set the norm of posting a new video every other day, it’s going to be a tough cycle to break. And then subscribers will be upset when you can’t meet that expectation.

If you set the wait for about once a week and then have bonus content on occasion, it’s much easier to track overtime.

Whatever you decide to do, think about how you can continue. And then, when you make a decision, stick with it with consistent delivery. People need that.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, players who get so many views do so because they are building a foundation. Whether you choose to buy real viewers to start with or work with consistency and research, it takes time.

Don’t expect to build your following overnight. Stick to it and work to continue proving that your channel is worth its time. Provide reliable content that works and don’t give up.

Raymond T. Helms