Why he is inactive on posting YouTube videos

YouTube sensation Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson has been seen inactive these days and we have a reason. Lately, MrBeast revealed the reason why he’s been working on two massive projects.

With the most subscribed YouTube channel, MrBeast has slipped into the top five after surpassing 90 million subscribers on YouTube. Indeed, its content is creative and innovative on the list. The creator not only knows the success mantra but also offers a quick succession of videos. Last year in 2021, MrBeats released 27 videos, keeping an average of two per month.

However, things for this year are quite different and slower. MrBeast just released three YouTube videos in five months, a bad score indeed. But fans will be happy to know he’s committed to two massive new projects. Additionally, insiders have said that the upcoming video may challenge his previous Squid Game video which cost around $3.5 million.

MrBeast explained

“We are in the early stages of recreating Willi Wonka’s Chocolate Factory,” MrBeast first said of his upcoming project. Also sharing a photo and saying it was only 10% of it. However, work is still in progress. But the image reveals what exactly a scene from the iconic film looks like. Image highlights include: grass, rocks, lollipops, also including a chocolate river.

That’s not all, however. He revealed another ambitious project he is working on at the same time. “While we’re building this, we also need to terraform an island,” he said. “I give an island for 100 million dollars.”

So, these two projects took MrBeast a lot of time, hence the slow video production. “Please excuse the lack of videos. My giga brain thought it would be a good idea to make two Squid Game level videos at the same time”. So it looks like he’s decided to trade quantity for quality, and it’s paying off. His YouTube stats are on the rise, and once these next two projects drop, there’s a good chance they’ll go up even more.

Recently, MrBeast launched a new chocolate and snack company, Feastables. The YouTuber has now launched his own better-for-you snack company “Feastables.” The creator also owns a burger chain called MrBeast Burger. The idea behind the business was to grow rapidly by operating through ghost kitchens across America. His MrBeast Burger brand sold over a million units in the first 90 days alone.

Raymond T. Helms