WTIU and WFIU YouTube channels get a makeover | Blog

WTIU and WFIU are making big changes to our various YouTube channels to create a simpler experience for our audience.

The biggest change is that WTIU and WFIU will combine their separate YouTube channels into one: WTIU & WFIU | Indiana Public Media. A little long, we know, but we plan to have all of our arts and culture video content in one place.

This channel will replace the old WTIU YouTube channel, so if you’re already subscribed, you don’t have to do anything else.

This channel will also feature a number of our locally produced documentaries, including A Rural Revolution: Indiana’s Round Barns, Crooked Stick: Songs in a Foreign Landthe The spirit of series, and more.

Upcoming videos from our award-winning newsroom are now available on WFIU & WTIU News, formerly WTIU Newsbreak. This includes segments and episodes of Indiana Press Officeas well as other new projects from the news team.

Many of our existing channels will remain largely the same, including The Friday area, Indiana Travel, Hover culture, and A moment of science—although you may start to see new thumbnail images and playlists appear.

As we migrate much of our content, some of our previously launched channels will be phased out. WFIU Public Radio Videos, the earth eats, Friday Zone Joke Time, and Friday Zone Stuntology will re-upload to their new homes over the next few months. Once this operation is completed, these channels will be deleted.

Changes to these channels are expected to go into effect in the coming months. Our hope with this project is to make it easier for viewers to find similar types of content that they enjoy, all in one place.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact Payton Whaley at pknobelo@iu.edu.

Raymond T. Helms