YouTube channels you need to follow right now

YouTube has been around for a long time and every year new creators join the community and expand the platform’s influence around the world. Billions of people visit YouTube for anything and everything. Whether it’s informational videos, tutorials, guides, vlogs, or entertainment, YouTube has it all. So here are some YouTube channels that deliver content worth watching, while being entertaining in their own way!

Ankur Warikoo

You’re in your twenties and everyone’s talking about finances, investing, and managing money. You need to learn all of this, but where to start? Sometimes articles are too complex for you to understand, and most of the time people expect you to already know the basics when explaining certain concepts. If so, then this channel is your lifeline. You can check out his videos on finance and investing topics, as well as money management tips and tricks.

Abhi and Niyu

You want to be aware of the news, but reading the news seems too laborious? Or did you just read a short story but already missed so much? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Sometimes keeping up with the news can seem boring or tedious, but it’s always good to be updated. Abhi and Niyu offer short and informative videos on all the current topics in the news, and it’s a great way to start consuming news online!


Your go-to channel for beauty, lifestyle and everything in between! Home to beauty hacks, hair care, and home remedies, this channel covers anything and everything under beauty and lifestyle. It’s also great fun to watch with their engaging and comedic style of videography and storytelling. If you want to get into makeup but don’t know what products to buy or where to look, check out this channel to get started.


An entertainment channel focused primarily on educating its audience, TED-Ed offers animated educational videos with collaborations between talented educators and animators. From the simplest topics to topics that may be too complex to understand, this channel offers easy and fun explanations of many topics.

Technical Guruji

With new gadgets and technologies coming out at high speed these days, it can be quite difficult to stay up to date and be aware of new devices and gadgets in the market. If you are looking to buy a new phone, laptop or any other tech gadget, there is obviously a lot to know and enough research should be done before investing in gadgets. So, Technical Guruji offers a wide variety of videos, covering everything you might need to know in terms of the tech market today.

Curly Tales

This absolutely has to be your go-to channel for entertainment, food, and travel videos. From discovering quirky places to trying out unique food spots, this channel uploads videos 7 days a week, with their various shows covering multiple beats.

Be sure to check out these channels the next time you need to watch anything on finance, news, beauty and lifestyle, technology, education, entertainment, food and trips!

Raymond T. Helms