YouTube Shorts Green Screen puts you in other YouTube videos

YouTube has come up with a new way to boost content production for YouTube Shorts, its TikTok-like short video feature: the video giant is launching Green Screen, which allows creators to use clips from among billions of videos on YouTube as a background for their short films.

With Green Screen, creators of YouTube Shorts will be able to remix up to 60 seconds of video (or audio only) from any YouTube Video On Demand or other eligible YouTube Short, as long as the creator original has given permission and that the video is not flagged for copyright infringement.

The creative tool is YouTube’s latest effort to compete with TikTok, which popularized the short-form video format and has more than a billion monthly active users. YouTube Shorts has exploded in popularity and now averages more than 30 billion daily views, more than four times the 6.5 billion a year ago, Sundar Pichai, CEO of YouTube, said last month. Alphabet/Google, to investors.

At this time, YouTube does not compensate original video creators if their material is remixed into a Shorts video. “While remixes of a Source Creator’s content will not bring them revenue at this time, it will provide new opportunities for their content to help find new audiences through fresh and creative takes from the Shorts community,” said said a spokesperson. Variety. Whenever a new short is created from your own channel content, it will be attributed to your original video with a link in the shorts player.

Currently, revenue shared with YouTube Shorts creators goes through the platform’s YouTube Shorts Fund, which pays out bonuses based on engagement. Similarly, Snap’s Snapchat Spotlight pays creators based on the popularity of their videos.

YouTube is “still working on the long-term monetization model for Shorts,” the rep noted, and is testing ad formats. Meanwhile, TikTok is in the early stages of implementing an ad revenue sharing program with creators.

The green screen feature for YouTube Shorts will begin rolling out to the YouTube iOS app today and will roll out to the Android version in “the coming months.” As YouTube has already noted, creators who don’t want their long-form content remixed by others on Shorts can opt out.

Creators can also use YouTube Shorts’ green screen feature with any photo or video from their own camera roll. To use green screen, select “Create > Green Screen” from the options menu under the video you’re watching (or tap the three-dot menu in the Shorts player and select “Green Screen”).

Last month, YouTube Shorts introduced a remix feature called Cut, which allows creators to select a one- to five-second clip from any eligible YouTube video or short to use in original Shorts content. This is now available to everyone on the YouTube app on iOS and in the coming months it will be rolling out to Android.

Raymond T. Helms